Welcome to the new club!

We are delighted to be able to announce that we now have our formal club structure as part of BSAC.  We can therefore begin diving operations again!  Our club is “Swanwick Divers” and is BSAC B2589.  Sorry for the long post but the basic details are as follows…

As a quick reminder, this means that:

  1. It will be clear which dives are formally set up as Club Dives and these will be advertised on the Events part of the Facebook site and the website.
  2. Any other dive you arrange is a private dive and the club has no involvement or responsibility in this.
  3. Adult members of SD Facebook Group that are already BSAC members can dive on Club Dives from now on.
  4. For all other adult members, you will need to join BSAC, by going to the BSAC website (get in touch if you’re not sure how to do this) before diving on Club Dives. Put Swanwick Divers as the club, assuming you want to join through a club to save money.
  5. For juniors, the issue of having junior members and managing the safeguarding involved is next on our agenda and we’ll let you know when we have resolved this.

IMPORTANT  – We will have a transition period for membership of the club from now until the end of 31/5/19.  After this we will reluctantly have to remove members from the club (and from the Facebook Group).   Before then please will Swanwick Divers members who are:

  1. Already members of BSAC, either soon or when they next renew, ask for dual membership of Swanwick Divers. BSAC will let us know when this happens, so no need to let us know unless you want to.
  2. Not already members of BSAC, please join (go to the BSAC website) and then send a quick message to say you have done this to Mike Rushworth and Kat Vaughan via Messenger.

Once you are a member we might need just a few further details from you, in which case we will ask you and keep the data secure.

The detail behind this, and more, is described in a document called Swanwick Divers Systems Description (catchy huh?!), that will be posted onto the Files section of the site in a few minutes.  This includes FAQs constructed from the questions members have already asked.  Do check this carefully because as the questions came in they helped our thinking so we may have moved slightly away from some of the early answers we gave.  We might have to modify these system further as members and BSAC make further comment but we hope you’ll bear with us as we continue to listen and get to the best overall arrangements.

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