This group was started by a group of Instructors to provide a “home”, especially for PADI Divers coming out of the schools, to continue to dive and consolidate their training, with organised dives for all skill and experience levels, where diver safety is a primary aim.

We have now formed a BSAC club for many good reasons and would like everyone to join Swanwick Divers BSAC Club, irrespective of their training agency. If you are already a BSAC Member please affiliate to us.

Members have many advantages to a Club structured within BSAC, the World’s largest Dive Club, including to member to member and 3rd Party Insurance cover.

We have Instructors and Divers from all the major agencies with a huge pool of experience and you can still be a BSAC member and continue Diving under your original training agency ratings.

Our divers range from newly qualified to seasoned Divers and we cover all the specialities from Archaeological to Deep and CCR, so everyone should find someone to dive with. We have a huge pool of experience that Divers have access to. It’s a large group so you should find buddies with similar interests.

We network extensively and share news of talks and events from Archaeology to Cave Diving.

We want all our divers to dive safely and develop their full potential.

Whilst we organise CLUB dives, the responsibility for the conduct of the Dive lies with YOU the diver.

We have developed long term relationships with Dive Centres in Weymouth, Poole, Swanage and Selsey. We expect divers who book, to pay for their boat space whether they eventually end up doing the dive or not.

The skipper of course can cancel the dive due to the conditions with no financial penalty to anyone. At sea the skipper’s word is final-they are legally responsible for your safety and that of the boat.

We expect reasonable respect for other divers on the Internet site and when diving.

We dive all around the UK and Internationally, from the Red Sea to Cornwall, Lundy to Scapa Flow .

We welcome trained Divers from all agencies irrespective of personal characteristics and we have members from many different Countries. The criteria for us is that Divers are keen, involved and safe.

So, this club is for individuals who are passionate about Diving and also their own personal development.

Come diving with friends

Swanwick Divers Moderators